Royal Residence of Westminster

Your homes of Parliament occupy the website of an imperial palace which grew from the time of Edward the Confessor till Henry VIII transferred to Whitehall and St. James’s. Although the Tower of London might accommodate the royal entourage, many kings discovered Westminster a lot more harmonious compared to the volatile city of London. There was convenient transportation in between the two by barge along the Thames.

Parliament’s relationship with the royal residence is an old one, because the House of Lords regularly fulfilled in the private imperial homes from the fourteenth century and also your house of Commons made use of the college chapel.

Numerous royal palaces were unfortified even in Norman times and also Westminster was one of them. The precinct wall surface that surrounded the royal residence never fairly developed into a defensive drape, though Edward III appointed a vibrant Henry Yevele to develop 2 towers along its line in 1365. One of them, the initial Clock Tower, has vanished under its famous successor. The Jewel Tower endures owing to later make use of as a database for Parliamentary documents. Now a separated framework encountering, and also overawed by, the Victoria Tower, it inhabited the southwest corner of the middle ages palace precinct.

Today windows, augmentations in 1718, do not conceal the protective personality of the tower, and also the first stage is covered by a safe with wonderfully sculpted bosses. As a matter of fact, the Gem Tower, as its name recommends, was developed as a safe location for the comprehensive treasures of the King’s privy wardrobe.

The tower is a rectangle-shaped structure with a smaller sized wing at ideal angles, meticulously contrived to stand totally outside the angle of the district and also therefore not trespass after the King’s private garden, which lay behind. The moat, restored at this point, needed to be pressed out into a parcel appropriated from Westminster Abbey, much to the aggravation of the abbot and monks.

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